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Weather in the midwest

Cindy RN

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I thought I would check in with those in the midwest.

I am in southeastern IL and we have been hit hard this weekend. Tonight was the worst. We had a tornado go over the north part of town, it took down several blocks of old really big trees, took the roof off the high school gym :cry::cry::cry:

We had water in the basement. This is the second time in 9 yrs this has happened. Both times have been this yr!

From what I have heard nobody was hurt tho.

How about the rest of you??


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Been a rotten couple of weeks here in Tennessee, weather wise. We have had several tornadoes hit the state & 36 people have been killed . They are predicting more dangerous weather for us Wednesday.

My 17 y.o. daughter & I are weather enthusiasts. We decided to video the nasty weather. Once we got outside on our covered porch, the wind stopped completely & we thought we missed the show. You can hear my daughter on the tape saying "Come on, show us something!". Well, she got her wish, not 5 seconds later. A huge bolt of lightening struck the tree just feet in front of us. It even arced over & gave us a little jolt. We are both OK but I think our storm chasing days are over Got great video footage of it though!

I'm trying to figure out a way to upload it online. If & when I do, I will be sure to share.

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Isn't it crazy! My kids and I have always stood out under the awning on the back porrch to 'watch' the weather. Last night tho when the sirens went off I took some things to the basement (pugs included) THEN went out back. The hail was pea size but it continued for more than 5 min.!

I would love to go on one of those week long storm chaser trips!

My luck, there would severe storms right here at home and none in Oklahoma! :?


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Hi Cindy,

Just wanted to say sorry about the weather. That is one thing we absolutely have no control over, Mother Nature. She shows her wrath and we just have to ride it out and pray for the best.

I am relieved that you and your family are alright. I hope all our members on here are fine.


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Not Just Mother Nature But Father Time too!! Glad everyone is ok. When the wind stops completely be afraid. Its gonna get worse usually> Glad you are all ok though and be careful out there.

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I spent 30 min. Friday night in a little shelter spot Don built in our crawl space. He cut a hole with a trap door in one of our closets with three little steps down, and put in about an 8' x 8' floor out of plywood. I've got a couple of flashlights down there, water and a BIG STICK. I hate it down there - it's creepy and dark with spiders, and maybe snakes and racoons! :shock: Don also put in a light which is ok as long as the power stays on.

Afterward, Don's brother called to check on me and told me to also keep a can of peanuts down there but I might have to share them with the racoon. I said, no way, that's what the BIG STICK is for - that racoon is going to be DEAD!!


The tornado missed me about about a mile. Phew!!



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Peggy, Cindi and all... So very glad to hear that you are all safe and sound. I am so terrified of tornadoes. We have our share of problems here in Florida with hurricanes but at least we have plenty of warning that they're coming our way and we can get out of their way. Cindi, of course you had to take the pugs. Those little guys are just our four-legged children...lol! Peggy, you must have been terrified being in the crawl space for 30 minutes. That must have seemed like an eternity. Thank goodness that wonderful Don had the foresight to have a safe place prepared for you! Praying you all remain safe and sound.

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So glad human and animals are fine.

I lived through two tornadoes and that

was enough, Mike was alive and he never

even blinked an eye, just stayed calm and

watched over the dogs, animals and me,

don't know still how he could do it.

We had so much damages that it took over

two years to fix everything, but all the

critters and people were fine.

Still I'm scare when they talk about one

going through regions where I know some


Stay safe.


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Just when I thought it was safe!!

We have storms popping up all around again tonight!! So much lightening, it is awsume to watch.

The radar looks like we are in for it all night!

My exchange student from Korea is out back on the porch and is fascinated by it all!!

Good luck to all.


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I'm thinking of all of you and sending out prayers!! I scored a direct hit last November (the weird outbreak we had here in iowa) and it was a first for me...and something i'd rather not experience again in my life. Luckily, my friends home was spared while those around it were flattened. No injuries, though, for that we're thankful. Stay safe, everyone.

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