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Happy Easter - he has cancer


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He was transferred to a Cancer Research Institute yesterday. We're hoping they will be able to help him more. After the 4 hour ambulance ride there, he had a really hard night. It felt so guilty having to leave him there this afternoon, but I had to get back to the kids and work. We can't afford to lose the income or source of insurance at this point.

Keep us in your prayers.

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Jamie, I'm saying prayers that they will have some answers for him and that they get him comfortable and and a solution to getting him cured.

Please don't waste your energy on guilt. I too understand the pain you have of leaving him there. There have been a few instances where Keith was hospitalized and I had to go to work. We too can't afford the loss of income or insurance. We all do the best we can, and I'm sure your Jeff understands that. You are doing a great job caring for him and getting him the best treatment. You are doing all you can for him, you, and your kids.

Right now, my husband had to quit work and is home all day and barely mobile and able to walk and care for himself. All I want to do all day is stay home and take care of him, but I have to work. I think of him every second until I am home again. It is painful for me, but my husband understands and hold no animosity to me for it. I'm sure Jeff is the same.

Hopefully this will be a short visit, and he will be back up on his feet and home with you and the kids again soon.

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Hi Jamie

I'm so sorry to hear the news about your husband. I hope he will get the care he needs now that he has been transferred. I'm sorry for your boys...this has got to be so scary for them. Prayers coming your way.


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The new biopsy showed NSCLC instead of SCLC as the original doctors thought. I'll talk with the doctors when I go up to Tampa tomorrow and find out more sepcific info. But the good news is that he is coming home!! He's been in the hospital for almost a month and he is finally well enough to come home. Treatment will start soon and I know he (we) have a long way to go, but at least he'll be HOME!! :lol:

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