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Hi, my name is Wendy. My mother was dxd with sclc on 4/13. She had symptoms for over a year but the doctor said it was asthma. The tumor is the size of a half dollar and is pressing on her pulmonary artery. Started VP16 on 4/19. Now more testing to see if it spread. Any suggestions?

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Hi Wendy,

First of all welcome to our family here. I am so sorry you had to find us, but glad that you did. We are a very knowledgeable and supportive group.

I know how scared you are. But please know that LC is not necesarily a death sentence. Do not listen to stastistics as there are so many people who have beaten the odds. They just have to find a treatment that will work for her.

If you live near your mom, go with her to her appointments and ask questions. Take a tablet and write down what he says so she will not forget.

You will feel better once she starts treatments.

Please feel free to ask us any questions. We are always here for you 24/7.

One day at at time Michele and keep a positive attitude.


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Hi Wendy.

Welcome to the best site on the web for support.

Sorry to hear about your Mom's diagnosis. You must still be reeling in shock.

Starting on chemo is a good idea. It will help her to breathe so much easier. And get a jump start for a complete healing.

Tell her to keep her fluids up by drinking lots of water. How is she doing emotionally? Physically? We are here to help.

Cindi o'h

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Sorry about your mother's dx.

This is the best place for information and hope.

There are many survivors here that have been where your mother is now.

The initial shock of learning that you have this disease is one of the worst parts.

Read about the survivors here and you will see that you can fight back

SCLC does respond well to chemo.

Good Luck to your Mom.

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I remember the day I heard that my mom and then dad had LC. Wow it was like someone pulled the heart from me chest.

I agree with the others.

Write notes at every appointment, get involved in her treatment, get a signed authorization from mom so you can speak to her doctors on her behalf. Get informed about treatments, medications, and special diets and such.

Support HER decisions even if you don't agree with them. I think thats the hardest of all.

Moms are special people and when they are sick, all we want to do is heal them. I know how scared you are but treatments do work and will work.


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Wendy, Keep a list of all meds mom is taking even if not Cancer related. Includes supplements and Over the counter Meds for anything. Let us know what the treatment Regiment is and we can tell you what to expect for side effects. This is a long and Bumpy road ahead but we will help smooth it out for you whenever you need help, Support Prayers and Info of course. Let us know

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Thank you again! I know it's going toa long bumpy ride but i'm buckled in and ready for the road (where ever it takes us!)Mom already had first round of chemo, next one is in two weeks. The radiologist is tomorrow, still not sure if they are going to do it. I guess it depends on results of tests done today. Just wish mom's spirits would pick up. She insists she isn't going to make it untill Christmas. I, on the other hand, am willing to fight to keep her here longer.

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Hi Wendy and welcome!! Keep up your fighting spirit and maybe (hopefully) your Mom can find her way to it as well. I really believe that a positive outlook is a big part of this battle. If you happen to hear any doom and gloom statistics from Doctor's, don't buy into it...it will only bring you down. There isn't anyone that can tell us when our time here on earth will be over. God Bless.


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Welcome Wendy:

I am sorry your mom has to deal with lung cancer. It sounds like steps are being taken to deal with it. Just the act of doing something about it can help alleviate fears.

If they find no cancer anywhere else your mom has a good shot at attaining no evidence of disease.

I wish your moom the best.

Don M

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If you want to inspire mom; Shoew her the LC Survivors forum and the good News Forum. This has worked for other members in similar situations quite well.

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Welcome Wendy,

I am so very sorry to hear about your mom. But it sounds like she has a great advocate and support in you, and that will really help her.

I know and can understand exactly how you feel. It is a hard road we travel as caregivers and loved ones of patients, but when you love someone you will do WHATEVER it takes to help them. Even if it is just a small thing that makes one tiny aspect of their life easier and more able to concentrate on healing it makes a huge difference. It is great that you are right across the street. I'm sure that is a big comfort to your mom.

I also want to say a big Woo Hoo for the clean Brain and Bone scans. That is wonderful. From the sounds of it, your mom has only the one tumor to deal with. When SCLC is located in only one area it is concidered limited SCLC. If you are looking up information on her disease that would be the technical classification. It would only be extensive SCLC if it is found in the primary tumor site and also the other lobe of the lung or any other distant organ or lymph nodes. Limited SCLC has an excellent chance for a cure. It responds well to chemo. In fact I remember when I first joined the board here there was a member whose father was a 20 year survivor of limited SCLC. This can be beaten and it can be cured for her.

Please keep your faith and hope alive and please help your mom keep a positive attitude. It really helps.

I will be praying for you both. Come back and please keep us posted on her progress and treatments.

God Bless


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So glad of the good news! Put on those gloves and get ready for round one.

Good luck. We are always here to vent, support or any questions you may have.

Fingers crossed this will all work out for her.

Maryanne :wink:

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