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Our kiddo


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Another funny moment from our son Hunter.

Just to set the scene, he is 5 years old and has now started 1st grade and he is really exceptionally smart with all technology, computer, xbox, ps2's and more. Unbeleivable for a 5 year old..


He came home from school yesterday with a small book he made with several pages of art work depicting Captain hook and Peter Pan. Katieb and I were so amazed at his effort and the pictures and such, we each asked him if we could have a page to take to our office. He looked at us like we were crazy and said no. Then said, why dont you just make a copy.. lol...

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That's great, Rick! When my granddaughter was about that age, I had been retired about 3 years. The school had a father-child breakfast one morning. Since my son was going to be out of town on business, he asked me if I would go with her and her brother, who was also a student there. I agreed. I had a nice breakfast and visit with my two grandchildren. Then they took my around to show my their classes. My grandson went off, but my granddaughter wanted me to stay awhile. At one point, all the dads started leaving. I started to leave also, when my granddaughter looked up at me and said, "Grampa, you don't have to go -- you don't work!" She had me there. Don

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Xbox and PS2's are the newest game systems for kids.

Yeah only 5 going on 15... lol He is so grown up for 5.

He is in school with the 2nd graders.

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