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I want to that you all for responding to my post a few weeks back about Gary having tightness in his chest.He also was having PVC's. Everyone told me to have him have it checked out. We told our primary about it and he without even listening to his chest or heart said it was nothing and upped his calcium blocker pills. They were of no help and since he cannot take beta blockers because he has asthma his PVC's were the same. Gary went back and insisted on a refferal to a heart doc and got it.We saw the doc last week and after getting Gary's history and he also said Chemo could have affected his heart put him on a much stronger dose of the calcium blocker and this Tues will put him on a monitar for 24 hrs and on thursday will give him a chemical stress test. We will wait for the ecg untill the 5th because we will be going to Ca to see the kids. We had planned to go this week but canceled so some of the tests could be done.Again thank you all for urging me to talk Gary into having a heart Doc look at him. I say Heart doc because I am to lazy lookin up cardo......


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oh Lorrie,

good to hear he is getting appropriate help. I know what you mean about this group. They will tell you what they think and give some very informed advice. They are good and smart. I have been helped by all of them so much when I get confused or stuck and don't know what to do.

Have a good trip.

Cindi o'h

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