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3rd times the charm!


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A month after his 60th in '04 he spent his month long vacation in the hospital recouperating from a triple bypass. In Feburary (06) he was in the hospital with pnemonia, true regular pnemonia ... which he nearly died from when it put his heart into distress. His heart took a beating from the pnemonia and is now twice as weak as it once was.

My Dad is 62yr's old this year and now has been diagnosed lung cancer....stage lllB. It comes in threes and hopefully he'll duck and dodge this bullet too ........ but it's already taking it's toll on him since Feb. He has his radiation tattoos and just waiting for the call with his first appointment date and time. My sister's and I don't know who to believe and take their perfessional "warnings". The radiation doctor is a bit of a quack meaning he shifted a miscommunication error onto my sister already ... not a good sign! There have been two very different levels of concern with the fact that the cancer tumor is directly infront of the heart and is the radiation site. The radiation doctor says "NO problem" of the anticipated effects of the direct radiation towards my Dad's already weak heart. The family doctor has us scared out of our witts and now we are talking to our kids about "if Popa seems like...or if he can't catch his breath....Don't be surprised if..." In reality it's not a bad thing for the kids to know and what to do if it does happen ...... but we still don't know the "likely effects" for him! It's bad enough no one knows better than a "guessimate", but it's not helpful when educated doctor's can't agree on a level of concern!

I've read some of the formum notes and radaitation in the vasinity of the spine giving massive leg pain ... I immediately visualized that senario with my Dad's problems! Faith, common sense, or gutt feeling ... any way you look at it ... that ticker can't take much more of anything!

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Welcome! I would be very leery of "no problem" in the path of radiation. My wife had radiation on a skull tumor and she has lost a little of her hearing because the ear canal was in the way. She also had throat problems (which are now clear) when they radiated her upper spine for a tumor and the throat was in the way.

I have had quad bypass heart surgery, but my heart is strong. That is a lot for your dad to endure in such a short time. Please keep us posted and let us know how we may support you. Don

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Hello and welcome. It sounds like your dad has been through a lot already. How is his spirits and attitude? That is very important. Hearing what he has been through already, he might surprise you. If you have any questions, fell free to ask. I am sure someone here will be able to answer them. This is a great support board. Keeps us informed on his progress. God Bless.

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I sorry that you have to be here but I'm sure your going to find alot of support here. Your poor Dad truly has been put through alot. I'm so sorry, it's really hard watching the man that gave your comfort your whole life in such a awful way.. This is only my thought but I would talk to other Doctor and see what there feeling are on the risks of radation. My wonderful Dad has Chemo & Radation and the Radation was much worse,they burnt the hell out of his Lungs..

Take care and keep us posted on your Dad!!

Love, Michele

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Hi, so sorry you are going through all this uncertainty. How scarey this is for all of you.

Did you consider a second opinion, just to make sure where they are going to rediate will not affect the heart? I would definitely get one, if anything just for peace of mind.

We have members here from Canada, maybe they can give you advise on who to see.

I pray you dad will be alright. He has gone through much too much already.

Also welcome here. You are never alone here, we are always here for you to vent, need support,prayers or advice.


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welcome to our group.

Asking lots of good questions and gaining knowledge is gaining power in the fight against your Dad's cancer. Keep up the good work! You are asking some great questions and being fabulous advocates for your Dad!

Glad he has you girls in his corner. He is ahead of the game right there.

My radiation onc. made sure he stayed away from my spine. It was radiated, cuz it got in the way, but they kept changing the format of the beam and said they knew when enough was enough. I didn't have any symptoms of trauma in that region.

Cindi o'h

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WE are here 24/7 365 days a year. Welcome and will say prayers always do ya know!Just ask we can answer any question except the meanig of Life!

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I am so sorry to hear about your dad. He's already gone through so much and really seems like a true fighter. I pray that he battles this new challenge as valiantly as the others and really knocks this back with little to no ill side effects.

However, with the heart issues he has already faced I too would be very weary of radiation directly around his heart. If possible, try and get a second opinion prior to starting radiation.

There are other forms of radiation other than traditional radiation that does not damage surrounding tissue. My husband recently underwent Tomotherapy. For this, they target the tumor with radiation while simultaneously scanning his tumors to get a 3D image. The radiation beam then moves in spiral patterns shotting from different angles that all intersect at the center of the tumor. The net effect is that the tumor receives the full strength of the radiation but the surrounding tissue all receive minimal doses for minimal amounts of time. Also I would ask about Cyberknife or Image Guided Targeted Radiotherapy. All three of these are radiation but newer technologies designed to deliver maximum doses directly to tumors and not effect surrounding tissue.

I don't know what the health facilities are like in your area, but if possible please look into these options. I do know that there are a few Tomotherapy facilities in Canada. If I knew your area I might be able to help locate one. Below is a link to find tomotherapy centers in Canada and US.


I will be praying for your father, and for your family. I know this is scary and very difficult. Hange in there and please come back and let us help you and offer our support. Plus we care, and would love to know how your dad is fairing in his journey.

God Bless,


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