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needing some time


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I need a mending heart pass.

I have a form of heart failure that developed from stress involved with losing so many of my family in the last two and a half years. I need to take care of myself and get things under control.

I'll be back when I am stronger and can handle the emotions of being here.

It has been so hard to see so many struggling to survive both with the cancer and with those of us who have lost someone so dear. I need to step away for a while and give my heart time to heal.

My thoughts and prayers will be with you all always.

My God hold us close and give us peace.

Love you all,


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Shirley...........not sure if you are using a metaphor here or if there is actually something physically wrong with your wonderful heart. Whichever........doesn't matter. My hopes are that your heart will mend and be even stronger than ever before. We so appreciate you here, BUT you must take care. My prayers go with you!


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Go and take good care of you. You will be missed, but you so deserve some peace and joy. Although you may be gone from here for a while, you will remain in my heart so you shall never be far. But please come back when you feel stronger for I shall wonder and pray for you while you are gone.

All our love

Carleen & Keith

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