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My mom is going into surgery tomorrow


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I'm new to the site. My mom is going into surgery tomorrow. She's in stage 4. They plan on removing her lung, 3 or her ribs, and some of her spinal tissue. She was just diagnosed in May. She has been receiving carboplatin and taxil on a 3 week rotation with 1 week off. She also just recently completed 30 everyday sessions of chemo. She has been continuing to work and seems to feel pretty good, other than a few traditional side effects and bumps in the road. From what I've read on stage 4, it doesn't look good, but she seems to be feeling so good. I'm not quite sure what to expect after the surgery. I'm scared for her. Any words of wisdom?

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Hi judysdaughter.

I sincerely hope mom gets throught this surgery and recovery time as best as she can. If she is stg 4 AND working and feeling fine now, I have no doubt she will. Pre strength and good attitude are most of this battle, I believe.

Read around the baords here, there are plenty of stories on what to expect about the surgery and recovery from a mechanical point of view. Some go through it relatively easy, considering, and others have had complications.

It will be painful, uncomfortable and very emotional for both of you. Seeing her in ICU with all the hook ups will be a shock, and it is gross to look at. Don't let that scare you too much tho, the time there should go shortly.

Recovery depends on her, follow the nurses orders, no matter how unsavory or annoying they may be. Cough, walk and do what needs to be done. Use the "Plastic Maiden" (Spirometer) and use it some more. Then use it again.

After surgery recovery, which could take months, it's hard to say what to expect. There are long term survivors here on this board that have gone through exactly what she will, and they are doing great.

Let us know how the surgery went, please! Thinking of you and wishing you strength..Gina D.

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I am looking at surgery myself very soon. Sorry I am not much help in "what to expect." However, I wanted to pass along some words of wisdom by Ada W., a member of this board that really helped me put things in perspective. She said, "Surgery is scarey, but I am more scared of the cancer!" This is an opportunity to get rid of the cancer permanantly! My prayers for your mother and you.


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