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Don't know what I'm doing

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I'm new to the message board thing and am having trouble figuring it out. My mom is going into surgery tomorrow, and I'm on the ledge. I posted the same message under "late stage" and "general" under "My mom is going into surgery tomorrow" and am waiting for some encouraging words. I feel foolish sounding so desparate, but I figure the folks reading may not mind. If someone gets a chance, would they mind checking out my message that explains my mom's situation? I'll be staying the night with her tonight and won't have access to the computer. I'm hoping I can offer her some words of encouragement.

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Hi, Welcome to our wonderful group of friends.

I dont think youll see this before your mother's surgery, but I wanted you to know I'll be thinking about her and praying for her.

My father will have this surgery in a few weeks, he just finished his last round of chemo and needs to wait 3 weeks for scan, then we pray they will find him eligible for surgery.

However, my father did have lung surgery when they did his biopsy two years ago when he had lymphoma. They might give your mom some morphine for pain and she might be in ICU for a day or two. Then, possibly a week or so recovery in the hospital. Its a major surgery and the healing process may take awhile. She should report her pain so she can be given proper pain medication.

Let me know if I can help you in any way, keep us posted of your mom's progress.

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