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Rsd Recovery Time

Tom K

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Exactly 2 weeks ago, I finished 33 rounds of radiation to the esophagus and throat area (to kill cancer in a couple of lymph nodes). While the pain in my throat and esophagus is lessened, it still hurts quite a bit. I was wondering how long it took others to recover from radiation to this area.

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Hi Tom,

It took just a few days before my throat wasn't so sore all the time. A few days more and swallowing almost became a pleasure again. Weeks before eating was almost not a problem at all. And it was months before I never thought about it again. Toward the end of the healing time, I still had episodes of malfunction swallowing where food would literally get stuck...muscles stopped working at times?

I just want to ask to clarify. Is it still sore all the time or just when you eat or when you eat certain foods.

I also want to say that some of our members have had a time of it with constrictions or adhesions or something like that in there where they had to see a gastorenterologist to have their esophagus stretched sometimes more than once.

Don't know how serious this is for you. Can you elaborate a bit?

Cindi o'h

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