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hey anyone know how long they will check nodules


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Hi all,

Does anyone know how long nodules should be checked if they r stable when are you completely out of the woods with this? trying to figure out teh longest amount of time a nodule could grow in they are setting me free in 2 more years if nodules still unchanged in the back of my mind im thinking there are slow growing types how will they know that is long enough?Is there any kind of timeline on say a maximum time check on nodules that they could give teh definite all clear sign on ? And I wonder why they wont biopsy 9mm nodule? They say its to small but reading other postings some people have 3mmm ect 9mm doesnt seem all that small to do a biopsy on? I know im rambling but this is especially hard for me as I have obsessive compulsive disorder so having nodules to a regular person is bad enough but for me a extreme worrier its even worse! If anyone has info on timelines about watching nodules plkease let me know THANKS GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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About 3 1/2 yrs ago I had an infiltrate on my lung shown when I had a ct scan for gall stones. It was one of those things where they said it was most likely nothing, but I pushed with questions, so they said they would repeat the ct-scans every 3 years at either 3 or 6 month intervals (I cannot remember), and after 3 years be done. The dr said it is very common to have a small spot on the lungs.

Turned out for me that after the repeat ct scan the infiltrate disappeared, they found one in the other lung. I had another ct-scan and they both resolved, so I was done and did not have to continue since cancer does not disappear.

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Nodules are usually checked 3,6., 12,24 months...and then sometimes once a year for the next three years.They are looking for any growth or change and use what they call TDT...or tumor doubling time rate to determine if the nodule might be malignant.Sometimes they do a Pet scan if the nodule has malignant characteristics such as irregular shape or border....but on small nodules that can be inconclusive.So it is the watch and wait...unless it grows.There is TONS of info on the net...just put in SPN...Solitary Pulmonary nodule...Hope this helps Deb

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Hi Laurene!

Oh, how these d@#n things can worry us.... :shock:

Deb/Snow is right on with the current scan protocol. I recall you have a family history, so I think that annual CT follow-up through the 5 year mark is adequate. (After the initial two-year scan regimine is completed.)

I will pull up my annals of research...(I think I'm a little OCD myself... :roll: ) but, as I recall, the longest VDT for LC (in this case it was Bronchioloavleolar Carcinoma - a VERY slow grower)was approx. 800 days, give or take. Again, I'll try to pull something more definitive.

I know after worrying for so long, it is probably hard to remember how NOT to worry about it. But, if after all this time, there has been no change...I think that is a GOOD OMEN!!! Run with it!!

Wishing you health, hope, and PEACE OF MIND!!!


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