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Donna G

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More perplexing than before..... Steve's March biopsy confirmed Small Cell and he was treated with 6 cycles chemo, ending July 18. In March his CEA Tumor Marker was 41.5, April's was 29.3. When he finished the chemo, I asked Dr.C if he could add the Tumor Marker to the next bloodwork, he said he wouldn't do it until November becaue he was sure it was lower than 29.3 in April. I asked the nurse to add it.. NOW IT IS 82.6! :evil: We got a phone report of the biopsy results and they say Small Cell Intermediate Variety. I picked up all med records, CT & PET films and get the pathology slides tomorrow - all in preparation for Sloan. Yesterday, we were told that all his bloodwork was normal again and we were thrilled. When I got the results today, his red counts are still low, but not low enough for Procrit. Other values are still either high or low, so all wasn't normal again, but greatly improved.

:?: Has anyone else had a classification of Small Cell Intermediate Variety? Does this mean part small cell and part non-small cell? All mets except 2 in lymph nodes, liver and adrenal were gone after 2nd chemo cycle. The 3cm mass still present has been stable since April. Makes me think that all was Small Cell, except this mass and 2 nodes, which didn't respond to chemo like the other did. And those are non-small... STILL PRAYING FOR A MIRACLE!!

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I'm praying with you, Donna, and one of the things I'm praying for the hardest is that you are able to find another Oncologist who will make your husband a priority. It's obvious that your current Oncologist does not. I've had a few like him. And they've been fired.

It's just plain wrong what they're doing. And it should not be allowed to continue.

The prayers are coming your way.

Fay A.

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