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Getting to know you - April 20


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At one time, I would have said the refrigerator but since the hurricanes of '04, and being without power for so many weeks, I have learned to do without a lot of things. I learned how to make ice last a long time in a cooler and used the grill to cook everything. I would probably say the television would be the thing I rely most on. When I was without a television for weeks, I felt so out of touch and uninformed. Now that I'm hooked on Deal or No Deal....I would be a basket case without my TV...lol

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Oh so many from which to pick, Ann! I would say Fred.............but guess he doesn't qualify as a 'thing', huh? Maybe the computer..............yep, I think so. So many, I think I better hit Submit before I start listing everything!


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ONE thing in the house? Door knob to the outside world. I love being home and comfy, but I need to be able to GET OUT every now and then...and running water/toilet rank up there, too. We have no water when we have no power (country living with a well) - I miss the water more than the light, I can pee in the dark! Not being able to flush, though....phew!

(I know, TMI)

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Our bed.

It is the place where I can snuggle with my love without having to have either of us uncomfortable. It is where I can hold him in my arms skin to skin and smell his warm musky smell and close my eyes and dream.

It is the place I retreat to when I just don't want to face reality. It is the place that I have many happy and fun memories :oops: , It is the only time and place where some mornings when I wake up, for a brief moment before I am fully awake I forget just how horrible and hard and painful the rest of my life is. In bed for one brief moment some mornings I forget about cancer. I wish I could stay in bed all day every day and feel that one brief moment.

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