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Leslie's garden, but a little snag


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Hi all,

We ran into a snag for Leslie's garden. Seems the people next door (a bar) have issue with the property line and are disputing it. Some people!! :evil: We think the drunks are complaining that they won't be able to throw their beer bottles between the buildings now, or go pee there?!!

Appears they don't really own any peice of the lot at all, but still are being jerks about it, and will create a bigger problem for themselves, than the post office where Leslie worked. So we thought we were a go, now we have to work throught the stupidity, selfishness of others. :x So rediculous. Oh well, one way or the other Leslie's garden and legacy will live on!!

I am well, although today is 3 months since Leslie passed and she has entered my thoughts considerably today. I so much miss her. :cry:

Ok, just an update...........

Best to all of you,


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I'm sorry that the world is full of so many jerks, ya know, Mark? Hopefully there will be a quick resollution to this matter and Leslie's Garden will become a reality very soon.

I still think of Leslie.............and boy do I miss her :cry: ! Some days I could use her calm head and the very suitable quotes she would find. Glad you are having good days, Mark. Keep us posted on the progress of the Garden.



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Hi Mark,

I just don't know what to say! Their response is the opposite of how Leslie led her life. I feel sorry for them that they are living their lives in their own self-made hell hole.

I wish them peace and that their hearts will somehow be softened by Leslie's Garden that will eventually be. You never know how it/her spirit will affect the community!

Cindi o'h

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Glad to hear you are doing well Mark.

I think of Leslie often, she was special.

Sorry to hear there are selfish idiots out there trying to stop recognition of a beautiful person. Can't get much lower than that. Blah to them!!!! May all their beer be stale!!!!!

All the best Mark,


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Oh Mark,

I do hope things work out for Leslie's Garden. I have to believe there is a solution to this. Just the thought of this situation angers me. It's so sad to think that people could react this way. Take care and let us know how things turn out. We miss Leslie too. :cry:

Your Virginia friend,


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what lowlife idiots!! I really hope you get this straightened out.

Is there any other place that you could make a garden in her name. Any place around the post office?

I could imagine how frustrated you are. I pray this gets straiaghtened out.

I miss Leslie so much also.

Peace be with you Mark,

Maryanne :wink:

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