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Scans all clean

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I had my CT of the chest and abd., bld work and MRI of the brain done Tues. and got the results today. ALL clean, the last tumor in the L lung is a dense mass now (scar tissue) so I am back in remission. :lol::lol::lol::lol: The headaches I have been having he thinks are due to the fevers that have been around for several months. Next month he wants an echocardiogram to see if there may be a fungal infection in the valves of the heart. But otherwise the story is great. My hemoglobin is low so I will start on the procrit shots for a few months. Just wanted to pass on my GOOD NEWS!! I am now at 2 yrs and 7 mos. since my diagnosis. Best 2 and 1/2 yrs. ever. Thank you Jesus.

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Guest Cheryl Schaefer

How super! Congratulations. I've been out of town for two weeks and just getting back to reading some of the boards. One thing I have noticed is that there seems to be a run of goods news all around this past week or so. Glad you're in the Good News Group.

Aloha, Cheryl

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