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Could use some reassurance if anyone is around

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Well Dad's wife just had him transported to the hospital via squad. Seems he is very weak, having tremendous pain in his abdomen, and in her words "a total mess." The paramedics were there when she called, they had started an iv and his vital signs are all good. They say he looks good, she says he is a mess and not good despite what they are saying.

He has not been eating or drinking enough and has been vomitting and had diarrhea in the last couple days. My guess is that he is very dehydrated.

I have been dehydrated once myself and thought my insides were trying to turn themselves inside out. Not fun!

So here I am in Oh, while Dad is in Az, trying to make myself feel good about this...thinking it's just dehydration and they will give him fluids and send him home.

The hospital that his oncologist are at is unable to take him due to the ER being to full (they have closed to ambulances), so he is being transported to another hospital. This I am sure is not making him happy. Should I call the oncologists' service and let him know what is going on or just wait?

Anyone else been through this or had a loved one with similar symptoms?

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I so sorry that your Dad is not well tonight. But I don't think you should let you mind wonder. Just wait and see and yes if it will make you feel better then you should call his onc.It does sound like he is dehydrated after a few bags of IV he should be good as new.Keep us posted and I will say a extra pray for you Dad tonight.. Stay positive!!!


Love, Michele

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Oh, Cindy, this stinks!

I have been stuck in MN while my mom was hospitalized in OK...I know how awful that feels!

Mom has been hospitalized twice for dehydration / kidney failure, and she was a mess both times. I'm hoping it is that 'easy' of a fix for your dad.

Keep us posted...lots of prayers for both of you tonight!

:) Kelly

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Thanks everyone! It is SO incredibly hard not to just sit here and let my mind play evil tricks on me.

Even worse my brother who is not doing very well with all of this is on his way to PHX from Flagstaff. He was coming down for a nascar race and was planning on spending time with Dad tonight. This is his second trip in past month and the second "incident" Dad has had. I keep telling my brother how good Dad is doing... bet he finds it hard to believe a word I say :D .

I do really think it is dehydration. Maybe if I say it enough I will feel better. The waiting for news continues....

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They will find out the cause. If it is dehydration than he will feel so much better once the IV starts to work.

I know how worried you must be. Sending prayers his way.

Hang in there.


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Well I just talked to my brother, he is finally there. At this point everything is stable and all vitals are good (Thank God!). He is still in significant pain.

They think his lower bowel is impacted. He is drinking barium now and they will do a CT. The plan will become more evident once the CT result are in. For now they plan to keep him at least overnight. I told my brother to call me as soon as they know something from the CT.

This is even harder than I thought it might be. It SUCKS that I can not just get in my car and be there!! But I know I cannot leave my family for indefinate periods of time (yet) either. DH and I have talked about moving to PHX at least temporarily but I thought I would be okay without doing so.. now I just don't know.

But all seems well for now (or as good as it can be I suppose), so I am going to go and try to sleep for awhile or at least rest.

Thanks again for all your support! You truly are an amazing group!!


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Sorry I'm here so late, but I just logged on for the first time this weekend.

When I read your thread the first thing I thought was yes, dehydration, but I also wondered what was the initial cause for why he wasn't eating and drinking that caused the dehydration.

It made me think about a month ago Keith was having really painful stomach cramps and stabbing pains. He really couldn't eat much. He'd feel hungry, but start eating and stop after only a few bites. He said he felt too bloated and uncomfortable to eat or drink much. It turned out to be from constipation. When the bowels get too backed up it can cause serious pains and also inhibit the patient from wanting to add food and liquid to the problem. After we identified the problem, and giving him very potent drugs to clear his digestive track (stuff they give people before they do colonoscopies) the pain decreased about 90%, the rest of the discomfort went away once we rehydrated his body.

I am glad the doctors have identified a possible cause and can now take measures to cure it instead of just treating the symptoms.

I will be praying for your dad to feel better soon so he can go home and spend some time with your brother and convince him of just how well he really is doing. (((Cindi))))

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