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Surgical Candidate?


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We got Mom's PET/CT Fusion results on Thursday and they were very promising. They showed 'marked improvement' of the Tumor and nodules disapeared! Also, they said no Metastatic disease identified in Pelvis. Based on these results I am wondering if she is a surgical candidate now? The Dr. said she would look into it but doubted it. Mom originally wasn't a candidate b/c of the size and location of the Tumor. Since then it has shrunk quite a bit. But they also 'thought' she had metastic disease based on nodules in lung and activity in her hip. I'm still skeptical of the metastic findings in her hip b/c she had a fracture in her hip at the time of the tests. And since the nodules 'disapeared' I am wondering if she really has Metastic disease. And again, the Dr. said she would look into this. But I like to do my own 'looking' to make sure my Mom makes informed decisions.

So, I am wondering what everyone's thoughts are on my Mom being a surgical candidate and if so, is the surgery worth it? What I have read is that surgery is usually the best option for fighting this horrible disease. A few other factors- Mom is scheduled to have Colostomy reversal surgery May 1st; Mom is losing weight and Dr. thinks she may not be strong enough for lung surgery; Mom still has pain/problems with her hip so does not want to suffer any more pain/problems BUT wants to stay alive as long as possible.

Thanks in advance for your advise.


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Welcome to this site, Jon. i am sorry you have to deal with this in your life but there are many knowledgable people here who are willing to let you pick their brains about this bad disease.

I don't know whether or not she is a surgical canadate but she is entitled to a second opinion. more information is needed for sure. I understand the desire to be aggressive and curative about this disease. If your mom is open to trying I say go for it.

good luck and let us know who she is doing. WE care here.

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I think as the doctors said, usually if someone is stage IV, surgery is not done. It is done it certain cases even if there is distant metastasis.

I guess the question is: Were the bone mets really bone mets or not. Sometimes bone mets can cause fractures so they might be.

You definitely are right though surgery is the usually the best option if it is possible

Here is one case at least


Good luck and keep on asking the Dr questions.

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