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News, then no news


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Yes I do agree. I try and research and over the last two years two drugs look promising. The first is the vaccine developed by biomura/merck which had some really promising results but to get info on trials release dates in vey hard even when contacting the company. The other type of drug is for acquired resistence to egfr inhibitors. Astrazenca has a drug in development, zactima, and wyeth also. Again try and get some concrete information it is hard. Wish there was some pressure group out there.


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Cancer Vaccine Latest that I can find 1/27/2006

The amended agreement gives Merck global development and marketing rights to the vaccine except in Canada, where the companies share rights to the vaccine. Previously the companies shared rights in the US and Canada and Merck had exclusive rights in the rest of the world.

Merck will now take over full responsibility for the development and commercialization of L-BLP25, including the planned phase III trial in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), which remains on schedule with expected initiation of the trial in mid-2006. Merck is also considering the use of L-BLP25 to treat other types of cancer.

Under the terms of the amended agreement between the companies, Biomira will now receive royalties on Merck's US sales of the drug. Merck will also continue to make payments to Biomira upon achievement of milestones.

Biomira will retain responsibility for manufacturing L-BLP25, both for clinical trials and following any marketing approval.

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acquired resistance to egfr inhibitors News link Click On;


Also try this Link for results

http://www.omnimedicalsearch.com/query. ... o=0&D2=all

Zactima study research Starts 2006


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