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Update ....bad news/good news for Dad


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Well Dad's hospitialization this weekend has turned out not to be dehydration. He has "something" that is blocking his lower bowel and regardless of how much contrast or GoLightly the give him they cannot clear the bowel. They have not been able to identify exactly what is in the bowel or if it is twisted..but for the past 3 days he has not able to rid himself of any waiste (urine included). This morning he was able to pass a small amount of stool and a little urine but that has been it.

The bowel on the one side of the "blockage" is growing increasing large, while the bowel on the other side is very flat and only allowing a very small amount to be passed. He is in immense pain and is being given Dilated, which is seeming to control it somewhat.

He is still at a hospital other than the hospital that his doctors pratice at (due to St. Joesph's being on bi-pass --too many patients). The surgeon at the hospital he is in feels that the risk of the bowel reputuring is now too great to continue to wait for additional test. So at 9:00 am in the moring they are going to do "exploratory surgery" to determine exactly what is going on and get it fixed.

I am VERY nervous about this as 4 weeks ago they did not want to do a procedure that was simply inserting a needle - instead opting to perform radiation again. However, if the bowel is likely to rupture I agree that something must be done ASAP.

Please say a prayer for my Dad, that everything goes well and he is able to return to chemo quickly!

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Hope he is getting relief as I type. As I read this ribbon I was thinking "He needs to go to surgery" . Then as I continued to read I was glad to see it was in the plans. Waiting to see how he is doing. Donna G

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Cindy I hate that your dad is in so much pain from this and that he is going through this tough time. It is very reassuring that the doctor where he is at right now is not waiting to figure things out, but being very aggressive. I pray that it works out well.

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