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Mom has just come off her steriods after having 15 wbr treatments. She seemed to have much more energy and be more herslf during the treatments which is a suprise to me. I thought she would feel better after the treatments and off the steriods. She doesn't have a lot to say and seems to be tired all the time. She is working full time and I am glad for that, but I worry about her. She says she has some pain in her right side and under her breast. The dr. thinks it is pleurisy. Praying that it is. Has anyon had in experience with wbr and steriods and what were your side effects and how long did it take to get back to your normal self? Is there anything we can do? Thanks. Hope all is well with everyone else.Prayers for all.

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The steroids DEFINITELY are big energy boosters -- my mom was almost manic at times while on them...getting off them, she was very tired. Keep in mind that both radiation and chemo are cumulative -- one can be a lot more tired at the end and for a while afterwards -- our onc said that radiation can continue working two weeks after treatment is complete.

hang in there. it is great that she is working full-time!


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Sometimes after a longer/higher dose of decadron the adrenal glands stop making hydrocortisone, the chemical that the oral steroid replaced. Sometimes it takes a little while before the adrenals kick back in and start to make hydrocortisone again.

It might not be a bad idea to mention her profound fatigue to the doc. Although, with all that she has been through, I am not surprised that she is wiped out. Radiation is a poison too. Lots of energy goes to the site of injury now.

Good luck.

Cindi o'h

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