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As I understand it, swelling in the extremeties can be associated with LC -- I am no expert yet, but I have been digging around about it as my mom has had swelling in her ankles and knees. As I understand it so far, and there is a term for it which I don't recall, the LC can cause this by instigating high calcium levels in the bloodstream. Treatment generally brings it under control. I haven't so far read about it running in the arms as you describe, but in the extremities like ankles/feet and hands. If I remember right, there is a thread about it in the general forum now that might help you.

Even with pallative care, maintaining comfort is still tops on the list, is it not? I would expect someone should want to address it as it must be causing your MIL discomfort, whatever it's actual cause.

Wish I could be of more help. Hopefully others with more experience than me will pop up shortly.


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