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Starting treatment ... finally


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I am glad you are on a treatment track now Tracy. Whether you are in the control or the expirimental group makes not much difference teatment wise, because they are both promising treatments. I am not very good at visualization, so I just repeat to myself, "die tumor, die" a number of times as my radiation dose is being delivered. I hope you kill the cancer dead.

Don M

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This sounds like a great research program. Of course, I'm a big fan of the research programs, having had two very good experiences (one in which my husband had the "new" treatment and one in which he had the standard of care treatment).

Best to you as you move into this next phase. I have heard very, very good things about Tarceva and women.

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Hey Girl!

I noticed you popped online for a few...I'm hoping that means you are back from tx, and all is well! :wink:

Just want to let you know, my thoughts and prayers continue with you, and ALL your family!

Ding - Ding! Round One Goes to Tracy!!! (I just KNOW IT!! :wink: )

Hugs from AZ!


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Well, I popped a pill today.

I wasn't sure how I was going to do it, a long drawn out ceremony or quick and painless. I took one look at that little pill that looks like an aspirin, and I tossed it down, chased with a bottle of water. I feel better just knowing that it's in my body, royally pissing off this cancer. Oh yeah, the results of all my scans were clean, except for my chest of course. I was kind of hoping that b*stard had gone away, but no. The good news is there was not much change, a little growth of the tumor, maybe.

I've thought a lot about visualization, and the many great suggestions from everyone. I finally decided on the boxing gloves, I like the thought of putting on my boxing gloves and just beating the living crap out of this thing. Now we just wait ...six long weeks. We had just about moved into our brand new house when we found out about my dx and at the time I thought that I'd never get to make my house a home for my family. I know differently now, it's time to get to work. So I'm going to paint, and hang curtains, and plant flowers and do all the things I had planned to do before this crappy disease came calling.

Speaking of gardening, has anyone had bad side effects from sun exposure while on Tarceva? I think I'll need a hat.


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Good luck, Tracy! If you are one to read inspirational books, try the book Lance Armstrong wrote, "It's Not About the Bike". The book isn't really about cancer nor bike racing, it's about courage and tenacity - a story told by a man who, according to the statistics, should have died. How inspirational is that?

Courage, tenacity...and taking the time to take a time out and cry when it all gets to be too much. Remember, in the end, the most important thing you do every day is breathe - when life is kicking the crap out of you, concentrate on the breathing and get through, hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute, second-to-second, breath by breath. Deep breath in through the nose and let out the mouth slowly, focusing on the movement of the air. Repeat the slow, deep breathing until the band of anxiety circling your chest begins to let up some.

The monsters will tease you from the edge of your consciousness during the day and come out full force when it's dark. Realize when the spiral of dismal numbers starts circling and pro-actively fight it. It's scary, as your Aunt Kasey can affirm, but it's a fight you need to win. Courage is being scared to death - and saddling up anyway. Grab life with both hands and hang on, no matter how much you feel it trying to shake you off.

Take care,


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