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In and out pass


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I just need a in and out hall pass. I am having some back issues and pain going down my sciaic (sp) nerve down my right leg that I canot walk to good. :cry:

I am on inflamation, muscle relaxer and pain medication. With all that it still hurts to walk. So I will not be posting as much but I will be on to read about my family nere and will post when I can.

See you guys later.

Maryanne :wink:

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Oh Maryanne...Hoping you will be feeling better really soon. My friend suffers from severe bouts of sciatica and I know how painful this can be. It sounds like you're taking some things to really help keep the pain under control. Hope they work. I'll miss you terribly, but you can have Joel keep us posted. I'm saying prayers that you feel better.

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