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Surgery completed...mixed fellings on news


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Monday night they transfused Dad with 3 pints of blood and Tuesday morning his red cell counts were almost at the "normal" range. So they performed the laproscopic surgery and found that the small bowel was indeed blocked by not one, but two tumors and a "pebbling" effect of other tiny tumors pretty much blankets the lower bowel. They removed 6 inches of the bowel (which contained the two tumors) and put the bowel back together. They also found that he had some ascites in the abdomine and removed about 60cc's of fluid.

He did remarkably well with the surgery and was back in his room on the regular hospital floor by early evening yesterday. This morning he had some issues with nausea and pain control..but this seems to be much better managed this afternoon. They are also infusing him with some postasium now, as this was also very low.

The plan is now to start him on clear liquids (with nutritional supplements added) this afternoon and work him up to solids over the next day or so to see how the bowel does.

Crossing all our crossables and praying that everthing goes well. He could certainly use a few days of feeling good to prepare to get back on track with chemo.

So they news regarding the bowels and the ascites is a mixed bag of not so great news. They cannot say for sure that the smaller pebble types of tumors that are scatter in the bowel will not be an issue (now or in the future) and don't seem to have any "what if" plan for the future. They are sending the tumor out for anaylis though the surgeon feels certain they are maligant and NSCLC.

Concerned about news of more tumors and complications, but glad this is "hurdle" is now over and Dad seems to be doing well. I keep reminding myself that for as much as he has going on he is doing remarkably well.. and I am thankful!!!

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So very glad the surgery went well. It is so much better knowing what is wrong and knowing possible things to do to correct the problem. It sounds like things should be much better now.

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