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Obituary link for my Mom

Suzie Q

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Dear Karen,

I just visited your moms webpage and it was so touching and beautifully written. Your mom was so special to so many people.

My heart goes out to you as your lost both of your parents in such a short time.

I know you have many wonderful memories of her that will live you your heart of hearts that is just saved for moms.

Peace be with you. My deepest condolences.


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What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. It sounds like she was the kind of person everyone would want to know.

Rest easy in the knowledge that she is with her beloved husband (and with her first husband) and her earthly pain is all gone. How hard it is to go on without your life's partner, especially when struggling with serious health problems of your own. The battle is easier with someone right beside you. I'm sure she was there for Jim when he needed her. And you were there for her too. And what a great website... I hope it becomes active soon and that other folks will be able to use to use it. Though I'm sure you will miss her desperately, you are fortunate to have so many positive memories to rely on.


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Thank you all.

The funeral home partners with the website. It is fabulous and very healing. When we went to the funeral home to make arrangements, first for Dad, then for Mom, the first thing the funeral director said was, "Let's talk a bit about ________." He asked lots of history, and my brothers remembered different things than I did, and it was so wonderful to share those memories. He asked for 20 photos; they scan them and send the info to LifeStory who puts it all together. they make a video presentation to play at the funeral home as well.

Only after we were done with that part did we get into the "arrangements." It was handled so beautifully...I wish all funeral homes could do this!


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Remember every time you look up your mom is right there above you and everyone who knows her. This thought gives me strenght every day. You are making me misty eyed. Thoughts and prayers to you and your Family during this tumultous time and best wishes for the future.

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