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CharlieD Brain MRI Update


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The news aint good. #&%#%&%#%. They found a small met in the brain which is causing the numbness in my arm and hand. Got an appt with the Gamma Knife Radiation folks tomorrow to develop a plan. Would appreciate info from any of you who have had Gamma Knife and WBR. Any info on how long it is, discomfort, side effects etc.

Not the end of the world. Just gotta play the hand you are dealt, no matter how sh---ty it is. Too early in the day for a shot of rotgut burbon. Wait a minute, it's 5 oclock somewhere. Anxious to hear from those who preceded me down this f-en road.

God Bless


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Well, CRAP, Charlie :x I am sorry to hear that news. I recall many here dealing with mets, so I am sure they will be right along. I know trishnmiller is very up on such, as is karen from CA.

You are right...............not the end of the world............just more sh%& to have to deal with. You are right also that............somewhere it it 'rotgut' hour and I am about ready to join ya.

Sending lots of love and support and STRONG vibes, Charlie,


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I am sorry you had this setback Charlie. I have never had brain mets, but would avoid wbr if at all possible because of potential side efects.

Cyberknife surgery is another option for brain mets.


I think it is about the same as gamma knife, except that no body restraint is needed. It may be more accurate too.

Check out the link. The radiation oncs who answer questions on the message board are among the best in the country. They are very reponsive and very helpful.

Don M

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I'm so sorry to hear that the MRI showed a met, but there are many here that have had successful treatments. I know those words don't make you feel any better right now. You know how it is.. It always sucks when you first get the news, but you will get it together, get a plan and head out to get er done. Along with you on that journey know that you have my prayers with you as well. God Bless.



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Hey Charlie:

Good luck with the Gamma Knife. My Mom has 2 brain mets, but she had PCI already, so right now they are just watching them. Her chemo has almost taken care of one of them and the other is shrinking. Once she is done with this chemo, we are thinking Gamma or try Temodal.

Prayers for you,


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so sorry about this news. Alan had brain met last july. 3.0cm x 3.5cm so pretty big.

Alan did have wbr 10 treatments followed by IMRT 15

treatments. His last 2 MRI's have been clean. There

have been some side effects from the wbr, but in my

opinion they are minor. Some sort term memory issues

and some loss of hearing in Alan's left ear. I know

many will advise against wbr and possible your met is

small enough you will have other options. I just wanted to let you

know of Alan's experience. He is living a pretty full life.

My prayers are with you.

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