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To Kel M.....


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Hi Deb,

This is long - forgive me!!! I'm on the site several times a week reading posts (including the great news about your Mom!!!). I post every now and then (5 or 6 times just yesterday). I'm so relieved for you and your Mom and keep both of you close in thought and prayer.

Things are going pretty well for me, overall. In some ways it's hard to believe that Mom will have been gone a year in less than a month. But be that as it may, my brother and I are blessed.

He has purchased my half of Mom's house and will be moving in just a few weeks. We're both so pleased that the house is staying in the family - it is very comforting to both of us. I, in turn, have bought a house in Ottawa and am moving in six weeks as soon as it's finished being built.

My childhood best friend and I are off to Alaska (cruise) and British Columbia for almost three weeks at the end of June, exactly two weeks after I move into the house. My sense of timing isn't fabulous but these are heady times - lots of scurrying around to get things done! Who knew???

In August, my brother and I are heading down east to visit family and to carry out Mom's final wishes to bury her with her parents and brother. In many ways, it will bring our healing full circle. It will be very difficult to leave her behind, but she will be home where she grew up which was very important to her.

Other than that, I've turned my attention to losing the weight I've put on since Mom went into palliative care. It's going well, but it's a day by day kind of journey. I wish it were harder to put on weight than take it off, but that's just not the way it is... :D

That's kind of where things are these days. Different, but good. I think Mom would be pleased.

All my best to you and your Mom,


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Hey Kelsey:

So great to hear from you! :) About the house, I have contemplated many times if the worst should happen, what to do with my Mom's house. I would hate to see it sold to anyone except to family. It's empty right now as my Mom lives with me, but all the same, I don't want it to go anywhere. It's a very comforting thing that your brother is going to be living in it.

Your cruise sounds fantastic! :D Wish I was going with ya! I was born and raised on Vancouver Island and I miss the water tremedously.

Sounds to me like you are doing quite well. Congrats on the house purchase. Take good care of yourself and check in with us from time to time.....we miss ya!!

Love and prayers,


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