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chemo anxiety

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I'm a newbie and I know I need to post an intro on other board and I will soon but I have a question in the mean time.

Do any other caregivers have trouble with anxiety at chemo time? I really do. My husbands 4th treatment is on Monday and I am already starting to feel it today. I seem to go through this every time. I love him so much and I just can't seem to prepare myself enough for seeing him suffer through the treatments. I feel so helpless. (Stupid cancer!!! :evil: )

Thanks in advance,

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You have come to an amazing place to get information. Welcome to the board. I know what you are saying about the anxiety. I posted about that with my Dad as well. I have been told by many that it might be a time to start looking at anxiety meds. I have yet to have my mom or dad do that, but it doesn't seem like a bad idea. Do the treatments hurt your husband? So far my dad has had little pain, is on good meds for getting sick, and hasn't had really much for side affects aside from fatigue. Be sure to talk to your doc if your husband feels pain or illness.

In the mean time, welcome to the board and know that my prayers along with many others will be going up.

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Hi, Debbie, and welcome. No, I can't say that I get anxious about Lucie's chemo. I do get anxious when she has scans and we are waiting for the results. Lucie has enough anxiety about the chemo for both of us. I busy myself with being sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for her. Don

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I did had/have anxiety with everything Alan goes through. It is now

just with his scans as treatment has stopped for him

but the anxiety is an unfortunate part of the process

I will admit we have found a new "normal" and have

learned to live and appreciate every single day, so

the anxiety is now limited to test time and the waiting for the results.

Hang in there and lean on us when needed.

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Welcome Debbie,

I'm sorry that your Husband has been DX with the Monster That I HATE so much.. Maybe you should talk to you Doctor about a mild anxiety med, It's a really difficult time and if you need something to help you get through this then do it.. After my Dad Passed away I had to call the doctor for something,

There were time and still are the I feel like I can't breathe and very anxious.

Praying for your Family!

Love, Michele

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I didn't get anxious about chemo. in the beginning, until my mom had severe side effects from it starting with dose #1 -- at that point, I researched in here like mad and asked questions to understand what was probably going on based on other's experiences and links to other info. I got.

Really hurt me personally, at first as a caregiver (are physical and not so great emotional effects for her); but once I understood, I sort of settled into a calm zone on it. I now use chemo time as a positive with my mom: I prepare special snacks, drinks and munchies for her now....and I don't react the way I used to when what I don't like emotionally from her happens....I now know it's the drugs, my mom's particular disease process, and my mom's individual response to them. I can now even predict when what hurts me personally will occur and I have adapted to it (except when I vent in here big time....lol).

I have become informed about the gambut of potential side effects my mom's particular chemo could present so I am prepared to deal with those as well. Mom hasn't had everything I know is possible either -- good thing, but I am calm because I know what to do with any potential that occurs for her. This helps mom too, when I can calmly provide hope, direction, and comfort to mom that she is getting the right help with each circumstance she is facing.

Has been a lot of work to do that, but I am happy I did (and still do) -- quells my anxiety bunches and helps my mom in the process.



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I had anxiety all of the time during my husbands fight with the beast. It is so difficult. I joined the Wellness community and so did he. I joined a caregiver support group. I would recommend if you can to join one. I should have joined earlier in the fight.

May you have calming days in the days and months ahead.


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Thank you so much for your nice responses. They are helping. It is nice to hear I'm not being weird. I actually spoke with the dr's office they are going to get some support group information together for us they think might help.

Also the dr's are still working on his pain management and nausea, both are still pretty bad. I like to busy myself to a certain extent but my husband doesn't like me, or shall I say let me, make too much of a fuss so I have to balance my needs with his. If I had my way I would fuss over him all of the time. :)

((hugs to all))

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Hi Debbie,

I know what you mean about wanting to fuss over your hubby all the time. I don't know if what I was feeling was anxiety from chemo, since I usually felt some relief that we were doing something to fight this, but I did have a lot of tension during that time. I was usually so paranoid about germs and infections. When my husband was going through a treatment I would get really strick with his contact of people especially those with kids, and I would scrub all the living areas and wouldn't let my husband do the smallest things. I did try and wait on him hand and foot because it made me feel better.

Anti-anxiety drugs helped with that a lot. I could allow him to get his own water without feeling like I was failing him.

I don't know what your husband is taking for nausea, but when my Keith was taking Cisplatin VP-16/Carboplatin VP-16 he was taking Emend for nausea along with Zofran quick dissolve tablets for breakthrough nausea. It really was the only meds that helped with that combo.

Pain is another issue all together. I don't have any advice on that since we are still trying to get a handle on my husband's pain too.

I am really sorry you are going through this with your husband. It really sucks, and it really is unfair. I hate cancer so much!

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