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It's good to be alive


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Hi All,

I'm writing today because I'm happy to be alive. Just about a year ago, I began visiting the doctor where eventually my dx was arrived at. The doctors told me I had 6 mo to maybe a year.

Now its a yaer later. In general I feel vey well. I have tolerated chemo easily and really haven't been ill. Except for some ill advised meds and some bad blood counts, I'm doing well.

When I think that I wasn't sure I would be alive at Christmas...

All I can say is don't trust estimates and savor each day.

Hope you all can celebrate your life.


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Oh Mary,

I am so glad you are here as well. I am also grateful for your gentle reminder that we all should celebrate each and every day of our lives..............I needed that reminder today. Some days I struggle with that, and when I actually saw your words ~~ well ~~ they were powerful.

Thanks Mary, and here's to MANY more years,


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Here's to MANY more Christmases, New Year's, Valentine's, Easters, birthdays...you get the picture... :wink:

And thanks for reminding all of us how sacred and precious each and everyday is.

Yours in HOPE!!!


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Congratulations Mary on your 1 year survivor anniversary. And prayers here for many many more.

Every day is a blessing and a gift. Being able to see and appreciate that knowlegde is your special gift. Go and celebrate this joyous news! It is well earned.

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