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Going to a wedding w/o Ed very hard


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Going to my nieces wedding in Tempe Arizonia. I was so happy in the begining of the week, but the last 3 days I have been going to sleep tooo late, nervous and upset. I came to the realization this will be the first family function w/o Ed. It is getting to me. The vows until death do us part.......I don't if I can hold it together apon hearing those words. I have lived those vows. Right now I feel like just bawling.

On the other hand my family will be there. My mother and I will share a room. My daughter(still pregnant) and son will be there. I have new shoes, purse, jewelery and shawl. Someone said to me "I hope you have the will to enjoy yourself" I just hope I can.

This grieving is emotionally draining and physically taxing on my system. My stomach hurts, my chest is tight and I don't sleep well.

Thanks, for listening


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Although this will be tough for you, I know you will be comforted by having your family there with you to help you through. The first family gathering without your husband is the absolute hardest. After this one, it will become a bit easier each time and you will feel more at ease. Hey, it's a wedding and everyone always expects us gals to cry at weddings, so don't worry if you get a little weepy. You'll be among friends and family and everyone will understand. Just remember that you will have Ed looking over one shoulder and God over the other. With a team like that, how can you go wrong? I'll be thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes in your direction.

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Adela, add waterproof mascara to the list of new items. You will be crying on many levels, happiness and sadness. I am glad that you will be surrounded by family. I think you will find yourself laughing and sort of be shocked that you are. It is just another step on this darn grieving journey.

Enjoy the trip.

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Go to the wedding and do what ever you haver to do. I cried at my wedding 9 years ago so hard I don't remember that much but remember enough. My face was redand I Was the GROOM!! Go figure huh!! Go and enjoy and celebrate every one has said it perfectly. WIll say a prayer and wait for photos of the wedding!

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