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NSCLC - Pneumonitis and now Liver Mets


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Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted here in some time. My father was diagnosed with NSCLC in January 2005 and after one round each of chemo and radiation he was cancer free. Within a month, though, he had developed radiation pneumonitis and has been on Prednisone since then. It's been a struggle for him, having many moments of breathlessness and non-productive cough, but he is a fighter and doesn't break stride. He lives alone and still goes to work every day. He is in the completion stages of his 3rd book. He is 75. He quit smoking 15 years ago, but has worked in a building containing asbestos for many years. They began the process of removing the asbestos several years ago. A colleague of his died of lung cancer 2 years ago. I don't know how they check to see whether or not asbestos was a factor (as well as smoking).

Well - what could have turned out to be winning half the battle, has now turned into a diagnosis that the cancer is not only back in his lung but has spread to his liver.

I'm just looking for some possible suggestions on how people have dealt with this. I'm sure the prognosis can't be good, and of course we're terribly worried once again. As I said, he is a fighter and doesn't spend a lot of time discussing his illness. While he is still living, he wants to live. I am glad for this attitude, but I'm afraid, living so far away from him.

I wish I knew what he could expect, and when I should think about, perhaps going to spend some time with him. We do have other family living in close proximity to him, but as long as he keeps the attitude that he wants to be alone, they will respect that. He's had a semi-stroke, blacked out for 2 hours once and several other things that lead me to believe that he should not be alone, but he doesn't want anyone to come to his aid until he decides he needs them. This is just hard on me, because I wish there were something I could do.

Any input would be helpful. Thanks for listening.

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I would go and visit and see exactly how he is. If you're worried about him being alone maybe you could set up an aide to visit him daily and check on him, make a meal or whatever he needs. There are also some amazing monitoring systems now that he can have installed where he could get help quickly. We are considering something like that for my MIL who is also alone.

I am sorry to hear the cancer has returned. I hope he has lots of good days ahead. Hang in there.


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I am so sorry that the Cancer is back! I don't want to be a downer because everyone is different but the exact same thing happened to my Dad. But I agree with RY you should go see whats going on first hand and then you will know what actions to take..

If you want to PM me maybe I could help with some questions.. Stay Positive!!!


LOve, Michele

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Get his permission to come for a visit. Ask if you should stay in a hotel or with relatives or if it would be alright for you to stay with him.

It sounds like his lungs aren't functioning too well. Maybe a pulmonologist could help make an assessment? Being short of breath is a bugger.

Cindi o'h

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