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Just saying hi...dad recently diagnosed with NSCLC

Jackie UK

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Hello :)

Just wanted to say hi!and thank you for this great site.

I have been lurking since February when my dad was diagnosed with NSCLC IIIb and today i thought it was time to lurk no more.

I live in the UK with my husband and our 8 yr old son.

My dad is doing ok at the moment.

He was reluctant to have any treatment at first but the doctors said that he may as well have radiotherapy as it would help him.

His only side effect was some scabs on his back and a sore throat which he could deal with.

He is eating well and still as active as he used to be so i hope that will continue.

My dad is from Ireland and my family are hoping we can take him home for a short break sometime in June before he gets too sick.

I am so pleased i have found you guys as i have read so many of your posts and they have really helped me understand what is happening to my dad.

take care


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Welcome Jackie. Sorry about your Dad, but glad to hear he's doing okay. You will receive great support here. My dad is also older and opted for palliative treatment only...and that was 2 years ago!

Take care,


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Welcome Jackie!

I remember taking that very scary step from lurker to participant! Hopefully expressing yourself here will be beneficial to you AND to Dad as well. I am interested if there is any more tx planned for him. Let us know how things progress.


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Welcome, Jackie. There is so much here to learn, as we all have learned as we progress from lurker to participant. By posting my questions and observations, I learned more than I would ever have learned otherwise...and that, in turn, helped when it came to talking to doctors and deciding what to do and what not to do. I know you'll find the same thing true and hope that what you glean from here will help you help your dad make decisions about further treatment.


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Welcome Jacki!

We love when our lurkers comes out of the shadows. Now we can give you support when you need it.

I know how scared you must be but I am so glad that he took treatment. Just spend all the time you can with him. Its a shame they could not find this earlier when he was having problems back in 05'. I pray they could find something that could put him in remission.

Take care of yourself and keep us posted.

Maryanne :wink:

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Thanks for the great welcome everyone :)

Hi jennie...I'm in Stevenage Herts but originally from Wiltshire.

When my dad was first diagnosed i completely fell apart.

I couldn't eat or sleep and cried constantly.I felt better once i had seen my dad but i still get very tearful when i think about what the future holds for my family.

I did a lot of research and found lots of info for my mum to read but my mum is reluctant to find out too much info as it scares her.

Take care


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Welcome Jackie,

Glad you found us and have come out of the shadows.

I understand how difficult this is for you and for your mom. Does she have access to a computer? Or can you print her off some posts from here. I understand her not wanting information, because what you usually find on the internet is pretty negative and gloomy. But, we have some inpirational and amazing stories of survivors here and people beating the odds. As the wife of a LC patient I know all too well the fears she is having especially with only receiving pallative care. The daily anxiety of what tomorrow will hold can be overwhelming.

But it is so wonderful and such a testiment to your dad's will power, and the grace of God that he is doing so well. I pray that he continue to feel healthy strong and peaceful. I pray that whatever treatment your father receives for pain control has the amazing side effect of also shrinking and curing his cancer.

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Welcome Jackie,

I'm sorry your family has to deal with this stuff.

As has been said there are many long term

survivors here and many who are considered


Your mother is wise not to get too involved

in the statistics she reads on line.

Bring her here, she will get lots of positive

support and information


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First may I say welcome.

Where your Dad had back and shoulder pain, makes me think he could have a Pancoast tumor. That is what I had and a few others at this site. A Dr. Pancoast described the syndrome when a tumor is in the apex of the lung ( way up high) and it pressed against nerves in that area. Where in the lung is his tumor?


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