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Wow I just wanted to congratulate the Academy...OOPS I mean Katie and Rick. I notice you hit the 3000 registered users.

What a great Milestone.

Way to go Katie and Rick.

I just wish some would come out from hiding and introduce themselves.

Everybody have a great day. It is absolutely georgeous here and Iam bed ridden with this crappy Siacted (sp) problem. But Iam getting up and walking around, but it hurts. :cry:

My kids bought me a laptop for my B-day. It is wireless and I could carry it anywhere. Right now its in bed with me.

Love ya all,

Maryanne :wink:

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Hey Maryanne, I noticed that 3000 number too!!!! It is quite a milestone, isn't it? Just to make you feel better, I have been laid up most of the week with some nasty cold/flu/virus :cry: ???? that's going around. I'm tired all day, so I nap. Then I'm awake and coughing all night long. Coughed so hard last night, I pulled something in my side :roll: !

Now........don'tcha feel better knowing you aren't miserable all alone :? !

Here's to feeling better soon!



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Congrats on the LCSC 3000 milestone (I hadn't noticed yet, but I am glad Maryanne did!!!!). Says a lot about how important and vital this community is, not only to those registered, but also to those "checking things out." So sorry to hear about the grungies with you guys -- I refuse to get laid up (again).... :!: .

Best to Katie, Rick, LCSC Board, and all moderators for a great job in keeping us all together....one member at a time. And to all of us members who just want info., hope, compassion, caring, and an extended family who can share our ups and downs and help us get through this condition we find ourselves in. It's "for better or for worse" in here (vents, good news and all)....gotta' just love that about this place :)

Hugs to all,


P.S. Have put in about 8 hours of trying to win $$$ on MSN search and win that I mentioned in OT forum -- no luck so far (bummer)

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