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Jim's sister


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I got a call this a.m. that Jim's sister in Ohio is still not doing well following her second pneumonectomy on the other other lung. Her vitals had been unstable (high heartbeat, low BP) and they had to intubate her on Thursday... hoped to gradually wean her off the respirator but so far not successful. She is in ICU and heavily sedated but when she starts to rouse she "fights against" the vent so they are keeping her under as much as possible. She has developed a fever and they are now considering "putting her paralyzed state" to allow her to heal. Her daughter is flying back today and her other son drove from St. Louis yesterday. My daughter has her own chemo tomorrow and I need to be with her as she had a terrible reaction for a whole week the last treatment. I wish I could be there with them, but my daughter comes first. This family has had enought of cancer and chemo for a lifetime!


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So sorry to read of your family's struggles. It just seems so unfair. Just to give you hope, what they are doing with your sister-in-law is exactly what they did to me in December. I had a medically induced coma, was given paralytic drugs to help me heal and I fought alot also. I was also on a ventilator. Please know there is hope for her, as there was for me. I am fine now. I'll pray for you all to come out with good results.

Joanie ((()))

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Hi Sandy,

I think about you and hope you are coping and healing since the departure of your beloved DH.

I was really upset to hear about your siste in law. Looks like that family has had nothing but depressing news lately.

You have not updated us, how is she doing now?


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I wish I had better news to report but the situation with Jim's sister remains the same. They have so far been unable to wean her off the ventilator, and when they try to reduce the medications, her heart rate jumps up to 150; with the medication they can keep it under 100. The family remains hopeful so I am keeping my fingers crossed but it's almost two weeks since her surgery and she's been pretty much unconscious since then. We continue to pray for good news. Thanks for your continued support and prayers... we all need them! Sandy

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