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Question about chemo and radiation????


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Hi everyone it is me again...My mom had her second chemo treatment this week and started her radiation treatments. She was a little sicker this time than last time and complained of stuff in her stomach that made her really sick to her stomach. She did get sick a few times and said it was like mucus. I am wondering if this is the mass it's self breaking up? If so any ideas on how to make her feel better. She has had this for 4 days now and I can barely get her to eat or drink. I once again would appreciate and help you can give. Thanks again Jessica

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They should have given your mom something for nausea. Call the doctor and ask for a prescription to be called in. Make sure she at least keeps drinking until her stomach settles down--dehydration is dangerous. I hope she's better soon.


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Rochelle they did give her something for that and the nurse even told her to use her ativan before she goes to bed but, what ever is in her stomach is really bothering her. I am just curious if this is just part of the mass that is breaking up from chemo and radiation or should we be calling the doctor?

She has also been coughing it up what ever it is, just like when she had the bronchoscope done. That's why I am thinking it is part of the mass. I just don't know how to get her pass it, especially if this is what it is going to be like for the next 3 months....Thanks for your help. Jessica

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Best to call the doctor and update him/her on what's going on. My mom did the increased coughing when chemo started and it was from trapped areas of pneumonia gunk now getting a chance to be expelled -- mom did not, however, have the nausea stuff you are reporting here. Can't say what the particulars are in your situation, but it's safest to report to the doctor so they can manage her symptoms of distress without risking the development of dehydration, like Ry said earlier.


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The ativan is good for upset stomach but I am curious to know if she feels like it is a acid in tummy. If she is not taking anything already I would recommend some acid reflux meds. Will keep the sourness in tummy down. She is most likely coughing up something that looks like oysters on the half shell gray (sorry if that makes you sick) but is the truth. If it is green or yellow is sign of infections and brownish/clear is suppose to be ok. I have been coughing that stuff up for 3 1/2 years now.

Remember to keep drinking water and as far as not wanting to eat getting some steriods will help there and let her eat anything she wants to. Greasy cheeseburgers, ice cream shakes, watermelon just keep that weight on for now. Keeping weight on and even gaining some is very important during these stages of treatment. I know that my diet plan is not what it should be but keeping weight on during treatment is so so so important.

Kytril is another med that really helped me from getting sick to stomach.

God Bless


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Sorry mom is feeling so nauseous.

I would definitely contact a doctor about it. It is not something I've ever heard of to be coughing or vomiting up cancer masses.

I would be worried like Ry and Linda said about infection. It is also not unheard of to have an increase of mucus production from inflammation. Which your mom could have swelling and inflammation from the radiation. That mucus if not coughed up and out can be swallowed and cause nausea and vomiting.

Whatever the cause, vomiting is something to keep an eye on as it can cause dehydration, weight loss, and weakness. Talk to her doctor and try and get it under control. With current medications, there is no reason to ever live with vomiting. What really worked the best for my husband was the anti-nausea drug Emend along with Zofran. He took the Emend once a day for 3 days starting the day of chemo, and then took the quick dissolve tablets of zofran anytime he started to feel the least little bit of nausea.

I wish you the best with getting this under control, and pray that mom is feeling better soon.

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