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tarceva side effects


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This is Tim here - husband of Sandra. I am posting for the first time, although she has been posting for a while. I just started back on Tarceva, and having been having the "normal" side effects - rash, diaherra, but also other side effects, like pain in my knees, ankles and feet. Has anyone else experienced this? I am on it in combo with Avastin.

Thanks for your help and advice - look forward to conversation with you all.


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My Mom just had the "normal" ones you speak of. It seems odd, though--she will have a rash / dry skin in one place for awhile (like her eyelids), and then it moves to another zone.

I wish you luck with the Tarceva. It has been incredible for Mom--and well worth the side effects.

:) Kelly

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I have joint pain when I get up in the morning and sometimes when I have ben sitting for a while. I find that my skin is very sensitive to touch, cold weather, chemicals (lotion, alcohol, soaps) The bone on the inside of my elbow of both arms hurt to the touch. In all honesty, I don't know what's from chemo or what's from Tarceva.



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Hi Tim:

I am currently on Tarceva with Avastin and Zometa every 3 weeks.

I have fun "normal" side effects. Like Jamie, my skin is really sensitive to touch, temperature, etc. too. I also have mouth/tongue sensitivities that come and go but cannot be connected any particular food.

I do get the achy pains in my feet, legs and ankles. They seem to be worse for me the first two days after the Avastin. Usually I can get the pain under control with tylenol.

After three cycles of Avastin and tarceva daily, the 2 mets I had were gone and my pet scan was clear!

I hope you are feeling better soon and that the drugs do there magic.


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