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Swelling and Other Update


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Hello everyone. I have been gone all weekend, and I found myself missing this board. Actually though, we went to see my folks, and it was great. Dad is in such better spirits, he looks great, feels great, and if he didn't have this stinking disease life would be awesome!

He did have a bit of swelling in one foot though...does anyone know about this? He is a really tough man, and thinks he may have banged it on the golf cart, but doesn't totally remember! Let me know if you know anything about this...

Have a great week!

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Sounds like a wonderful time with the family. What a blessing your dad can get out and enjoy everyone. When on chemo any little bump, rubbing or scratching would make the rubbed area itch and swell up with redness. Once i rubbed the top of my foot too much and it got all swollen up and red for a week. Looked like the skin was all stretched out balloon like and ready to pop, just from rubbing an itch. Lots of bruising on chemo also. Bet your dad won't be a clumsy as i was . praying for each of you pammie

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Best to ask the doctor about the swelling. My mom had (and still can get) swelling of feet and ankles as well. Hers was not due to the chemo though: it was increasing calcium levels in her bloodwork from her disease process that suddenly show(ed) up. Safest to alert the doc. since symptoms can apparently come from more than one cause.



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I am fairly new to this message board but I do want to stress, My mom had swelling in her ankle and tops of her feet. She had two blood clots and need to go on blood thinners. They were deep vein thrombosis.

I hope this helps. The general consensis is get to the dr.

Hope this helps and I too will be praying for you and your family.

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