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Getting to Know You - May 01


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Whomever wants to step up to my fist from our local planning council. We have a set of local critical area ordinances under revision that are, well....ridiculous doesn't even come close to describing it. These ordinances basically assume that the country folk are idiots and don't care about being environmentally sound -- that reasoning is basically a*s backwards for the host of folks this will affect. In the end, the ordinances will do nothing except lob tremendous new expenses on private country landowners and restrict what we do with our land. As one example outside of the enviromental issues in there, if a tree is in danger of falling on mine or my neighbor's property (including home, barn, any personal property), I'd have to call the county, pay fees to have someone come look and say OK to do something, and "draw up a plan" for tree removal, more reviews.....on and on it goes. I'll also have to have a mandatory 350 foot buffer zone on my property around streams and ponds that I can do nothing with......long, long, story.


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Yep, Lori. Think we all know your answer!!!

I would love to step right up to the plate and give my boss a really good punch! That would help relieve some of the stress his yelling has given to me for the past year!!!

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