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Mark here, still ok but hard at times


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Hi everyone,

Just a short note to let you know I'm hanging in there. I know I don't check in as often now. Please don't feel I am distancing myself. I am occupied now with a new freind that I relate with entirely, the loss of a spouse. So we do connect.

I still have intense moments of loss of Leslie, and so miss her. I find myself thinking back a year ago, what we were experiencing. It is so strange now. To think that she knew it would be her last year of life. Leslie knew, more than she would tell me. I remember crying with her, out of no where it seemed. Leslie did not want to die. When I think of her saying that, it breaks my heart. I can see the tears in her eyes right now. I so miss her intellect, her insight. I miss her loving compassion for animals. Our poor dogs, I know they miss her too. I am just not as accomodating to the dogs needs as she was. They were "her" dogs. I do take care of them, remove thier tics (creepy things!) and clean them. But not as much as Leslie did. The cats too. We have a few refugies on the front poch that Leslie took in. They stay on the front porch. They too miss her, I know. I am not as accomodating as she was to them either. It is just not the same. :(

I have finally removed some of her things, just a few cloths is all. Still much more to go through, and not something I want to do. It brings on the pain, the tears, the intense sense of loss.

Ok, just wanted to let you all know I am ok.

I will check back periodically. I must say, when I needed you all the most, you were there, thank you.


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Thanks for checking in Mark. Even though you don't post much it is still a pleasure to hear from you and know that you are alright.

You seem like a guy who needs female companionship and you seem to have found it. I am glad that you are not going through this alone.

We all know how wonderful Leslie was and she will live in our hearts.

Take care and keep checking in from time to time.

Maryanne :wink:

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Mark thanks For checking In I feel your pain genuinoly and understand completely. Good luck and stay in touch whenever you feel the urge or need!! 8)

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I know how hard this must be for you. Leslie was a wonderful woman in so many aspects. She is missed terribly by so many people and pets. It is good to hear from you, and to know that you are getting support. I wish you warmth and comfort as your heart heals.

God Bless you

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Hi Mark,

I've been wondering how you are and was glad to see your posts recently. I'm happy to hear that you've found someone that really understands all you are going thru.

You continue to be in my prayers.


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It's good to hear from you Mark. I'm sure it's been incredibly hard for you to continue without Leslie. You've suffered a great loss. I'm glad you've found solace in new friendships formed.

Leslie was a wonderful and giving person. She demonstrated her good nature right here on this board. Give yourself time and I wish nothing but the best for you.

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