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questions about adenocarcinoma - new drugs etc. Help!


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my friend has adenocarcinoma and I'm trying to find out a few things - don't know if anyone can help me?

Has anyone noticed a link between non smoking women who have had breast cancer over 5 years ago now getting primary adenocarcinoma? Wondered if the radiation from last time was a possible cause...

Also apparently there's a new drug like heceptin but for lung available but only on private health - does anyone know anything about this?

Also - sorry lots of questions - my friend only has a small section in the lung but it has already metastacised to the spine. Does anyone know about preventative treatment on the brain to stop metastasis there?

Would be grateful for any information on any area - adenocarcinoma, primary in lung with patches on the spine, currently 2 cycles of chemo and one of radio on the spine.


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There has been some research on estrogen and lung cancer.

My guess is that it would take a while longer to have a 2nd primary cancer occur due to radiation treatment

http://digitalcommons.libraries.columbi ... AI3174822/

Herceptin is a drug that targets HER2. It is one of the 4 Epidermal Growth factors (EGFR)

EGFR sometimes called HER1 is a target for lung cancer treatment.

Iressa was the first EGFR inhibitor. Tarceva seems to be better.

There are other EGFR drugs such as Erbitux, CI-1033 (a pan EGFR inhibitor, it targets more than one growth factor), ABX-EGF, etc

Often a biphosphonate such as Zometa are used for bone mets. I just read a new one called Boniva is being used for bone mets from breast cancer.

Usually Prophylatic cranial irradiation (PCI) is not used for Adenocarcinoma only SCLC. There are a few clinical trials for brain radiation to prevent brain mets for NSCLC.

Usually PCI is used only after a patient has received at least a partial remission, I think.

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I had primary breast with radiation, then primary lung 8 years later. All doctors involved tell me the radiation was not a cause in the lung cancer.

I remember reading about possible cancer caused by radiation at the time, but chose the radiation. I do think that estrogen played more of a part, but I don't research well.


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That's interesting... I don't suppose it makes much difference - I've just been wondering. Apparently the amount of radiation given to breast cancer patients was cut down 5 years ago. Thought there was a potential connection?

So is Tarceva the new drug - similar to heceptin? Does anyone know pros and cons of it?

I was reading an article on how good wheatgrass is for you - it's pretty cheap from Holland and Barretts if anyone's interested.


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Tarceva comes in pill form. Take it once a day. Most start out at 150MG. Dosage can be lowered if side effects are persistent and still have good results. Have had no problems with my blood counts while on Tarceva also. When it works it works. I was told would say on it until it stops working, now on it for 14 months.

Most common of the side effects seems to be a rash and diarrhea. Of course everyone is different and reacts differently. Hope this helps.

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I had breast cancer that was treated with surgery and radiation, and two years later had the lung tumor on the same side as the breast cancer. I don't know if treatment caused the lung tumor or not.


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