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My scan results and question


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I just want to let you all know that my Chest CT with contrast that I had done last week came back clear!!!! Yay! My onc said I can get scanned once a year now, but I told him I don't want to wait that long, so we compromised on an 8 month schedule for CT w/contrast.

The doctors have been watching "nodules" for about 3 years now that remain unchanged. All the reports over the last few years call them "stable nodules", "probably scar tissue", unchanged. This time, however, the report didn't even call them nodules. They referred to them as "stable patchy ground glass opacities".

Does anyone know if these are the same thing as nodules?

Thanks all!

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Wonderful News Alisa!!!

I am so happy for you! And I think it is so wise of you to want to stay on top of things and get scans sooner. Hopefully you can let your mind get some rest and not being anxiously worrying about scanning, but are just being proactive and safe.

I am just overjoyed to share in this good news with you. Celebrate HARD today, and really enjoy some fun and frivolity with your boys.

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WONDERFUL!!! Your story gives us all hope -- and, boy, do we need that! I don't blame you for wanting those ct scans a little closer together. Scary as test time is, the reassurance when you get those "Clear" results is so wonderful.

We'll be looking forward to another great report 8 months from now!


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:lol::lol: Alisa :lol::lol: !!!

I am smilin' big all over the place, here!!!! Big WOOHOO's and ATTAGIRLS too! Great, great news!

And let's hear it for 'stable patchy ground glass opacities'............. waddaya say :wink: !!!

I'm just feelin' a little lighter hearing your news!



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Hi Alisa!

Congrats on your good/great news!

My first ground glass opacities began after/during treatment. They had continued for years transiently. It was assumed that they were the result of radiation and were asso. with radiation pneumonitis then fibrosis then pneuumonia. No rhetoric of groud glass opacities in my most recent scans, which I am grateful for. How is your breathing? Okay?

Keep up the dance with NED>

Cindi o'h

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Wow, GREAT news, Alisa. GGO's, as you've seen, aren't the same as nodules. I have a bunch of stuff filed here on nodules/GGO's/other radiological abnormalities, and oddities (:roll:) If you need more info, let me know - I'll send you some.

In the meantime...WOOHOO! Meet ya at the Pub. I'll buy! :wink:

~ Stacey

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