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My Ode to NED


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Ode to NED

Today I heard the most beautiful word;

That one lovely word to which all are lured.

A dear, dear friend, missed for so long

Came back to sing me his beautiful song.

The tie and the lab coat said “Good-bye -

I won’t see your face for a very long time!

You don’t need me so much anymore,

You’re safe in the arms of your sweet amour.”

Then NED and I danced out the door,

We kicked up our heels, then danced some more.

We floated on air and skipped down the street

Humming our song, so light on our feet!

NED and I will be always be friends

Even if NED has to leave me again.

When NED takes his leave, if he ever does,

It will be to serve someone who’s just like I was.

Needing respite and rest, from the fear and the pain

Hoping to hear NED’s song once again.

Thank you, dear NED, for visiting me

Sit down a while and we’ll share some tea.

I’m delighted you’re here, but please don’t forget

There are so many others whom you’ve never met.

What joy will descend, when NED arrives!

We all could rest easy with more NED in our lives.

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Wow Teresa!

Very cool.

I will share NED with anyone for as long as possible. He is the one lover I am not jealous who goes to love others.

Wish I could teach him to play rummy with me, other than that, he is okay!

We all love NED.

Thank you!

Cindi o'h

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