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My mom made it out of surgery!!!


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Well it was scary but she's out. I'm on a quick break due to changing of the shifts. They went in and removed the upper lobe and 3 or her ribs. I thought they were removing spinal tissue but I guess it was the ribs in the back. She was out in 5 hours and breathing on her own. The surgeon said that it went as well as he could have hoped for. Because her platelets (sp?) were so low, they were not able to give her an epidural for the pain. So, as you can imagine, she was in much agony once she got into recovery. They removed additonal tissue in the lung which will be tested for cancer. This is the next critical point. Hopefully it will come back clean!

I couldn't believe that she was breathing on her own! Thanks to everyone's words, I was prepped on how she would look in ICU, so I was able to focus on her BREATHING ON HER OWN (with oxygen of course but not with a tube).

To be honest, I didn't know if she would make it through. And I guess, I still don't, but there's a little more hope today, that's for sure.

I know the weeks ahead will be strenuous, but as everyone keeps telling me, I'm going to take it one day at a time. I know everyone's prayers have helped and am grateful for the kind thoughts and words.

Well, I'm back to the hospital. Wish us luck!

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That sounds like GOOD NEWS . Now her next step is getting going! I mean range of motion of the affected shoulder, getttin up in a chair eating, then walking around some. They all sound simple but soooo important. Don't forget to flex those calves of the legs and deep breaths until she is moving around. Keeping her in our prayers Donna

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