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I gotta a question, please


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Hi you all...hope all are doing well...and having a great day...

I have a question...maybe stupid for all the Pet's that I have had...but I am wondering..."Does your shoulder's get 'filmed" too...

I have been having quite a bit of pain in my left shoulder and thou I have had a clean PET...about a month ago...still concerned and wondering if my shoulders were under that tube..

I have had problems with my shoulder way before surgery and doc said it was my rotater cup but since LC...every little ache and pain concern's me....I know I don't have to tell you guys this...cause most of us feel the same....but still sux...

Ok kids...any input would be great....take care...stay well and God Bless....PamS.

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The PET actually scans from somewhere just below your knee I believe, up to just under your jawline. At least that's what they had told me.

Now Pam, I'm willing to bet that your shoulder pain is well..lets see... ummmmm.... your rotor cup or whatever it is??!!! Either that, or maybe old age. :P:wink:

You know that I know how you feel- but I think you can take a vacation from worry for a bit after the Pet scan. In any case, let the doctor know your shoulder is bothering you if you haven't already..

Good to see you anyway...

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Hey Pam,

I have rotator cuff problems too. I've had them for over 20 years. Mine were cause by aerobic exercise. Does your shoulder hurt the most when you raise your arm? That's a sign of a rotator cuff problem. There are exercises you can do to help. If I can find them, I'll send them to you.

I was told that the Petscan went from head to knees. So relax, and slow down on the aerobics! :lol:

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My hubby has mets in the lymph nodes around his right shoulder. When he has had CT scans and PET scans they have always showed those areas. So, I am fairly confident that the scans do include the shoulder.

If everything is clear on the scans I would ease your mind and be comforted knowing it is probably a normal rotatory cuff or arthritic problem. I know that still sucks, but anything non-cancer is A-OK in my book.

Prayers being said that the pain is identified and treated and relieved for you.

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I am sure the scans include the shouder too Pam. It is probably roator cuff, like the doc said. I have the ame problem with both shoulders, especially th eleft shoulder. I took physical therapy for it 2 years ago, and it does not bother me much now. One indicatins of the condition, is that you have restricted range of motion.

Don M

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Yup..sounds like rotator cuff. Both of my shoulders are affected (the result of many moons of desert ATV racing :roll: ) The right one I eventually had to have pinned. I have four neat little nylon pins that hold that puppy in place. I'm about 7 years out of surgery, now, and the pins still hold for the most part. My left shoulder, so far, has responded pretty well to exercise. At least in the range-of-motion issues.

There was a funny thread on pain, and fear of cancer in the General forum (I think....- see "Does anyone else think every pain is cancer?) But all of that said, it couldn't hurt to run it by your doc. At the very least, it will put your mind at ease.

I'll be praying your shoulder pain will soon subside!

Yours in HOPE!!!


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Hey Kids...thanks for all the reply's....

I'm glad the PET..shows shoulder's...I kinda figured it did but wanted to make sure...

I really think it is the rotator cuff cause I had that problem before in the same arm...took a coritsone shot for it and it lasted for a couple years with no pain...but now starting up again...and since I just got a clean Pet I wasn't too concerned...

Andddddd...like Debi said...could be OLD AGE....waaaaaaaa....Nah!!!

Take care kids...PamS.

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