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Stop! Stop the Chemo!


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OK...so kind of a bad title, but we consider what happened to my dad today to be good news!

He started his day prepared to begin his third round of chemo. Well, he had a CT both without and with dye...they left the IV line in in order to be ready for chemo later in the day...

When he met with the onc, she said, "Let's get your line out, because we are not going to do chemo today. Your tumor has shrunk enough we think we might be able to radiate!"

He meets with the radiologist on Thursday, and hopefully we will be off and running... 5 weeks of it, and they are staying at the facility which is 5 hours from where they live, so it will be a long 5 weeks.

Oh yeah...the best news...she told my dad that approximately 20% of the people actually cure of what he has...and she thinks he has a chance at being part of that population!!! We are thrilled!

Thank you everyone for your prayers, your concern, your hope, and your advice! We are on a roll!!!

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Oh Jen! That is so wonderful. I am just grinning ear to ear hearing this good news.

I have no doubt your dad can be cured of this. He is responding so well to treatment so far and I will be praying hard that the radiation knock the rest right out of him.

Radiation does cause a lot of fatigue, and can also cause skin dryness and itching (sort of like a bad sunburn effect). But it is manageable. Lots of fluids for hydration, lots of rest, lots of love and he will make it through just fine.

(((JEN)))) I'm just very happy for you and your family

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I am so happy that your Dad is having such a good response to the chemo and I am glad the onc says and believes that he will be cured. During my treatment I ask the onc the same thing about stopping chemo early and this is what he said.

Don, once we have started you on this kind of chemo we cannot and will not go back on this again. If the getting is good then I want you to finish all 6 sessions and lets chase this cancer as long and far as we can. Then if/when it comes back I will start you on topoteacan and we will chase it again. This was our plan and we followed through with it. My only concern about stopping chemo so early is that it will come back and come back faster.

You have to do what is in your heart but this is a race that you have to finish to win. You cannot stop in the middle. Yes I recommend the radiation but I cant help but believe to finish the chemo 6 sessions is a good thing.

Please consider this and I wish your father all the best.

God Bless


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For the record...as I probably didn't explain very well.. :oops: Dad is doing both radiation and chemo now. He never was going to "stop" chemo for good, but not do it on the day he was supposed to. He has now had a third round, and has had 3 days of radiation on top of that. He goes back tomorrow for more radiation and in three weeks will have a fourth round of chemo...then they will decide if they will do a fifth and sixth round or if they will stop at four...it sounds like they want to do the others for good measure.

He feels pretty crummy though...hopefully will start getting back on track here soon!

Thanks for all of your help and support!

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