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Cancer patient support

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http://new.edp24.co.uk/content/news/sto ... 3A49%3A753

03 May 2006 06:05

Latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer will be unveiled at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital this week.

Consultant oncologist Dr Craig Martin will explain the developments to an audience of patients and their families on Saturday in the Benjamin Gooch Hall of the East Atrium from 10am to noon.

Anyone affected by lung cancer is welcome.

The event has been organised with the Norfolk and Norwich Lung Cancer Support Group, which meets four times a year to enable patients and their families to meet others in similar circumstances and to learn more about lung cancer.

Health professionals are always on hand to offer reassurance and answer questions about issues such as diet and breathlessness.

Group member Colin Howard, from Catton, who had part of his lung removed in August 2004, said “Being part of the support group has really helped me because there is always someone there who can answer your questions. I am happy to share my own experience with other people who may be worried and apprehensive about having an operation.

“Certainly if I had my time over again I would not have started smoking. I was a smoker for more than 50 years and reckon I wasted £75,000 (in today's money) on cigarettes.”

The group will also meet on August 12 and November 11.

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