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All done with the radiation!!


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Just a quick update seeing as how I havent been posting to much lately and havent posted on my dad in awhile....

Today dad finished his last radiation treatment. He was originally supposed to have finished last week but the doctor said that he was only giving dad about 90% due to his size (only about 106lbs right now), so he scheduled another week of it. All done as of this afternoon!

Dad also finished the third round of his chemo today and so now he only has one more to go!! Poor guy though, the next one starts on his birthday! What a way to celebrate eh?

For some reason the chemo hasnt really effected dad so much this time and so after the treatments today my parents went down to the States to celebrate by hitting the casino! Perhaps my family has a small addiction to the slots but this is usually how we have fun celebrating!! Which is exactly what we are doing a few weeks after the last chemo appointment...VEGAS BABY HERE WE COME!! We are going to wait two weeks after the last chemo just in case he doesnt feel to hot and then off to Nevada we go!

He is slated for another scan in a couple of weeks to see if there is any change after the radiation. Hopefully I will be able to post in the Good News forum then.

There is still the slim chance of surgery after treatment all depending on if there is any change at all. Even then we will have to really look at it carefully though because there is a chance that if he does have the surgery he may not survive it. If only his tumor was not wrapped around a vital artery. Until then....its positive thinking all the way!

I love my daddy!!!!


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So glad your Dad is done with his radiation! Hope all continues to go well for you and your family. I am up right now(4:30 am) thinking about my own Daddy who is battling this monster, just like yours and know how you feel. Remember, we are not alone and hang in therer@ :D

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Hi Tracy,

So glad your father is done with radiation!!! Keep praying for that slim chance of surgery!!

We celebrate with the slots too!! In fact my father is going to Mohegan Sun a casino in CT before his next scan which is in 3 weeks!!

I'll be praying for you - I love my daddy too!!!!

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