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Maureen Tanaka...my auntie


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Earlier this week my family was surprised by my uncle who came down to visit us ( he lives 13hrs away ). Since then I have been thinking about my aunt.

My Aunt Maureen was my dads older sister (53). She was the mother of three beautiful children.

One of my cousins was getting married last year in August and we werent going to go due to the long drive, but that all changed when my aunt was diagnosed with SCLC last summer. The details of her cancer are unclear as I wasnt too familiar with all the lingo last year. We knew prior to the wedding that the cancer had spread to the brain and she wasnt given much time...so off we went.

We had a truly wonderful time. I was only able to stay a few days because I had to get back to work but my parents stayed longer and had a really nice visit.

She continued to undergo treatment but it didnt seem that anything was working, I believe she was too far advanced. But she still kept on trucking and it seemed like she was going to prove the doctors wrong despite it all.

In January she called to tell us she was going to be a Grandma! My other cousin ( her eldest) was going to be a daddy. But unfortunately she didnt live long enough to see her first grandchild be born. My Aunt had passed in March of this year and her grandson was born last month. Even though she is gone, she continues to live through him as he was blessed with our side of the family's nose!

Her funeral was an amazing experience for me. She lived in such a small town and when she passed it was unbelievable how the community pulled together to help my uncle and cousins get through the trying time.

She was a kind, generous women who I will always love and never forget.

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What a nice tribute to your aunt. It will be so important to teach that grandchild about his/her courageous grandma who wouldn't give up. Now she is watching over you all.

One of my nieces told my son that Grandpa Salvador now had a special place in heaven to watch over all of them and she pointed that night to a beautiful star. Now he goes out or looks out the window every few days when it is getting dark so he can watch for his grandpa's star. He is only 5 1/2 and I think it helps him to think that he can still find some connection in the night sky. He has never liked the dark and he also reminded me the other day that his ..."grandpa was kind of lucky in a way because it never gets dark in heaven. Even though the sky looks dark around the stars, heaven is really a place with just lights," he said. "Only good things are there, Mom, and light is a good thing!" :)

Take care~

Karen M.

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