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first appt. after diagnosis


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My mom is seeing the oncologist and the surgeon this morning. I don't know why she is seeing the oncologist they just said it is a "follow-up". I feel it must be to give results of the PET scan and MRI of the brain. The surgeon is to get set-up for the port-a-cath. My husband is taking her for the appointments since it is easier for him to take off work. I will take her for the surgery and the first chemo. I am so stressed and nervous wondering what the doctors will say to her. Please pray for no more bad news.

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Please don't read too much into the oncologist being there for this follow up.

If your Mom is having chemo then he will be the one who oversees it and that's probably why he will be there to chart the course of tx after surgery.

Keeping good thoughts for you and Mom


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Let us know how the apt goes. Just FYI, when my mom was first diagnosed, she saw the oncologist fairly often too for what could be described as "follow up". At first it was almost weekly, they drew blood and checked vitals all the time. Chemo sometimes messes with blood counts which is fixable and they just needed to monitor it.

Also the oncologist probably has to concur with the surgeon on the course of treatment.

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