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The Beach Bums Are Back From Myrtle Beach


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It has taken me since yesterday to get on this board to say we are back and everything worked out great!

I got on this board off and on all day yesterday and saw and read most of the messages and saw how many new ones are on from just being off for a week. My heart was really heavy after reading so many sad posts. I can't possibly acknowledge all of them even though I sure want to but time is against me. I will just say:

Kathy, hope everything goes well with Tim, - - so glad he is in the hospital being taken care of.

Fay, hope that nasty infection goes away today so you can get back on chemo.

Judy's daughter, hoping everything went well with the surgery. Don't worry. She will be fine. It is a long and hard road through this cancer nightmare.

DianeP, I know where your mom is coming from for I had two parents 30+ years ago with lc and they were not taken care of as one with lc is today. You and your mom must have your dad go for treatments. It is a long and hard road but hey, it can work.

Shamrock, hope your mom's balance is better. not sure if i read if she had a brain scan, if not would have that checked out.

Rinksgal, all of us still are very much alone at times, us as caregivers and those with the dreaded cancer... that is why i always refer to this life now as a roller coaster ride....

Katie, sure hope Jesse is better today. Have they ck'd a brain scan lately. I know he had whole head radiation like buddy, but beings he is having trouble walking, maybe a brain scan is needed..

Peg, am so happy the onc is going to start Bill on these new meds. Johnathon had told me about them for Buddy a while back...

Bluebayou, your roller coaster ride is just beginning. Hang on tight....

There are many more to acknowledge but for now i just want to say to all the new people on board, whether a caregiver or the patient, lung cancer sometimes is so overwhelming that one feels like the whole world is falling in on them personally, but, as bad as it can get at times, the sun does shine again, and one does start to live again. It may not be the same life one led before because that is what cancer sometimes does. It puts a terrible fear in us, all of us...it is something we think about and will continue to think about all our lives. We can deal with it, put it on a back burner, hopefully, and get on with today.... for if we don't, cancer has won...

Now that i have said all of that, I just want all of you, new to this board and old on this board to know that my Buddy had a GREAT week. If anyone would have said to me anytime within the last 12 months that I would be taking him to Myrtle Beach on a vacation and he would be able to enjoy it, I would have bet my life savings against it . He made it down the road in the car for 11 hours. When I stopped for gas, he would get out of the car, walk around the station to get some exercise and then back on the road again. I am not saying he was able to do a lot of things other tourist were doing, such as swimming or walking on the beach, or getting into the ocean, but, he was there. He did get down to the beach, he and I sat most of the day watching the grandchildren have a great time at the resorts water park. In fact, he watched our son and daughter-in-law and all others constantly get in the Lazy River on a tube and go around and around. Finally, on Wednesday, he said he sure would love to do that. Well, guess what? You are right, our son and I and our lovely 9 yr old grandson, got him onto a intertube and away he went with our son at his side. He went around the Lazy River in that tube for about 45 minutes and had a great big smile all the while. Getting him off was something else, but we made it and later that same afternoon he wanted to go again, so you guessed it, off he went again with our son. That made his trip.....

I know that the only way he was able to do this trip, and I really mean this for all of you with this lung cancer, it was because of his determination to get out and walk the neighborhood to build up some strength. He know he would get stronger....and it is working. It was really hard for him and still is but it is what is making him survive, I am really possitive of this.... so if i can say anything to any of you, make yourself get up, go outside, walk a little at first, but do it everyday, whether you feel good or bad, because it will help make you get better.....love to all

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Am so glad that you and Buddy had a wonderful time on your vacation!!

Now the question is...did YOU get on the inner tube in the Lazy River??? :)

Seriously, you were missed!!


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I am so very happy that you and Buddy had a great vacation together and with your family.

Two things:

1. How do you pronounce your name like Norma, or Normie or Normay.

2. I just told Earl today that it looked like he was walking better. He believes it is because he stopped walking on the treadmill and started walking outside.

Where is your next vacation?

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I was named Norma but my mom always called me Norme.

Our next vacation, goodness knows, per Buddy, Alaska..... he will have to do a lot more walking before we attempt that one.... :roll:

So glad the Duke is walking outside. I really believe with all my heart that is what has made my Buddy able to take the trip ...he really struggled with walking at first, hanging onto "no parking signs", strangers and neighbors passing by in their cars, stopping to help him, thinking he was ill (which he was) and wanting to take him home. He would tell them the sign post was falling down and he was just holding it up....

I sure don't know about tomorrow but am not going to go there ever, - - only today....

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Dear Norme,

It is so wonderful to read your post and I am thrilled that Buddy had such a great time. You are right that it was his determination to get stronger that made this happen - that - and all the LOVE and CARE that you constantly give him. You both are an inspiration.

Blessings to you both and welcome back,


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